so there was a lot of traffic with people being able to see other peoples profiles, but there no value generated from it. Why did people use it? See who was on their profile. Why did it not work? Did not lead to anything. Compliments were crap, you could not message the other person, email signature is also crap, so eventually everyone leaves. Is a clone viable if there is a business model? Still have your own profile akin to, but it's your own, not stored somewhere else. How could it be more interesting? Make a profile. Link to all other social media sites? Why? Allow to collect and share moments? From all social media sites? Tasteprints. Still the same? Make your profile, share moments (stuff you see, post, hear, eat...). Connect with social media sites to post them there? or other way around? Keep your moments. Still have a profile, which is public and for everyone to browse? See who visited? Compliments?