(need to identify here, 3 sketches person btw left and right :-( sign X person ? or eyes XX) unhappy with political parties? protest? feeling not represented? (election with balance and check) vote for yourself! how does it work? introducing civil duty - sign up for civil duty (register online) - each time there is a vote, system randomly pick representatives to vote (lottery) - go to parliament, be sworn in, cast your vote, done (fly, oath, vote, fly back) - all expenses paid how should I vote? - as you like who is eligible? - filed a tax statement last year? You can vote! - non eligible citizens (other nationalities...) are represented through notary No agenda? no representatives? - your duty is to confirm policial decisions, not make them - you serve for one vote so you can decide unbiased why? - bring peoples' voice back into politics - check and balance political agendas - increase involvement by fostering possibility to participate 1days:1hours:11minutes:11seconds to National Elections what can I do today? - spread the word - contribute to our wiki to make political agenda transparent and understandable - register for civil duty